Welcome!  Thanks for dropping by.  I am an ELCA Lutheran pastor and have worked in parish ministry for over 27 years.  I serve as parish pastor to the people of Santa Cruz Lutheran Church in Tucson, Arizona.

This website is an occasional “work in progress”.  I invite you to peruse as many topics as you’d like locate along the right column of this page (each will open its own page).  I would be quite happy to share conversation with you regarding anything you read on this website.  More items will also be added whenever time and occasion allow.


My weekly e-mail… “This Coming Sunday”… is usually sent out on Wednesdays.  It provides an overview for each Sunday as it relates to the liturgical calendar, the Scripture lessons and prayers for that week, commentary on one or more of those lectionary readings, and helpful notes pertaining to my Sunday morning “Pastor’s Class”.

If you would like to be included in that weekly e-mailing, or if you’d like to contact me about anything else… simply send me a note using the form below.


I have an open door, open heart, and open mind, and I am happy to speak with you about practically anything. Please know that you are always welcomed to call, text, email, or simply drop by. — Pastor Jim